Support Team

Bill Anderson, Vice President & CTO

For Bill, discount as a sports bike and fly fishing enthusiast, it’s all about the journey, exploring the countryside of Central and Eastern Oregon and discovering scenery that you just can’t find along the highway.

That same sense of wonder moves him to work with customers to meet complex technology challenges that deliver real value. And when his work is done? It’s home to indulge his other great pastime: watching his kids play sports.

Aaron O’Neill, Voice Engineer

When Aaron isn’t engaged in computer programming, viagra sale you may find him studiously ferreting out little-known gems from the Bible. That curiosity fuels his work here as he blends creativity with technical know-how to design complex phone systems for medium-to-large businesses and to help keep our VoIP systems the best in the industry.

An avid walker, ampoule Aaron enjoys using the Tri-Met transit system and taking in the salt air at pedestrian-friendly Seaside, Oregon.

Brian Ricci, VoIP Technician

The way Brian sees it, and every installation project is a little bit different. He enjoys the variety and the fact every day he can face a new challenge. That’s a lot like how he likes to live life. Basically, order he’s up for just about any outdoor activity in all four Oregon seasons — golf, biking, hiking, camping or skiing. His favorite getaway, though, is Cannon Beach.

Dean Hall, Systems Engineer

In the complex world of systems engineering, help God is in the details. Dean is like a guardian angel, giving the engineering team the support it needs to keep our sophisticated technology running smoothly and hiccup-free. Married for over 40 years, an Oregon resident for 31 years and with a 9 year stint in the Navy, his former hobby chasing golfballs has been replaced by chasing his 3 grandchildren.

Nathan Cauthers, Customer Support Technician

When it comes to solving problems in the ever-increasingly complex world of Internet technology, salve patience is a virtue. Nathan thrives in such situations, sticking patiently with situations that arise and persisting with them until they are resolved. And when it’s time to let off some steam, Nathan likes just about anything in the Northwest outdoors, from snowboarding to disc golf, camping, hiking and rock climbing. Every year or two, he joins a group of friends for a 100-mile rafting trip down the middle fork of Idaho’s Salmon River.

Shannon McCormack, Customer Support Technician

For Shannon, helping customers solve problems is a great way to utilize technology. Its also the very reason he loves coming to work every day. When he’s not helping others, you can find Shannon indulging in his second passion, food. Cooking different types of food from around the world allows him to be creative and adventurous without ever leaving his kitchen.

Paul Zimmerman, Project Manager

Paul thrives with lots of activity. This might explain his fascination with keeping everything running smoothly at work and still finding time to polish his skills at ping pong, viagra sale golf, pharm fishing and basketball. His biggest and dearest challenge is keeping up with his two sons. Luckily they are all Northwest sports fans, so there is never an argument as to which team to cheer on!

Sean Stewart, Systems Administrator

Variety is the spice of life and for Sean, rx he adores spice. Which is why he comes to work each day with a smile, drug knowing he will be working on all different types of systems and challenges. He takes this same cheerful attitude with him as he fishes, gardens and cooks up new culinary delights.

Andrew Denton, Senior Systems Engineer

Andrew approaches each project as an opportunity to learn something new. It’s like playing with a vast Lego set, the pieces fit together in new and interesting ways every time. When he’s not in the office herding penguins, he’s at home, trying to keep up with a rambunctious little boy.

Vonne Emery, VoIP Trainer

If you want to know how to get the best value from your Voice services, you can do no better than to call Vonne. This training expert knows the system inside and out and loves to help you make the most of all it has to offer. Outside of work, she lives an active life, raising two teenage girls with a big interest in soccer, reading and being a ‘handy-man’ around the house.

Michael Gentle, IT Support

Like the rest of his colleagues here, shop Michael enjoys helping customers get and stay connected, nurse using technology that makes sense for them. During his off hours, he is involved in soccer and junior high youth group. For Michael, a trip to the coast is the best tonic for a little R&R.



Anthony Winters, Customer Support Technician

When it comes to internet technology, capsule if you’re thinking about your Internet connection, click there’s probably something going wrong. At Sterling, we go one step further, fixing problems before you may even be aware they exist. Anthony is one of those people who makes it so, while at the same time helping customers resolve network issues over the phone. At the end of the week, he likes to kick back with his young family.

Kelly-Shane Fuller, Senior Network Engineer

Whether he’s restoring antique cameras, advice building custom cars or shooting photos, pilule the wheels are always turning for Kelly-Shane. In his capacity as a network engineer, he is a key piece in making things run smoothly for our clients. When it comes to down time, Kelly-Shane loves the local downtown Portland scene.

Vince Guerrero, Network Deployment Engineer

He is known as Vince to many and as Frankie to a few. To our Sterling customers, he’s known as the guy taking care of all the back-end details to get their new phone systems up and running. Vince can be found in his off time using this same behind-the-scene approach in his involvement for a local anime convention.

Chris Hale, Network Operations Center Manager

From biking, recipe skiing, sovaldi and running with his two dogs to spending time with his kids…Chris thrives in environments with lots of activity. This makes him the perfect fit for Sterling. He gets the fun job of interacting with our customers while keeping our projects rolling smoothly in the back end of the house. When Chris needs a break from the bustle of work, you can find him in Bend biking or skiing.