Environmental Connection

Sterling Colocation Facility

Sterling’s Colocation Facility

Conserving energy and resources is a natural byproduct of Sterling’s dedication to the well-being of our global community. Our effective resource management allows us to reduce the impact our energy use has on the world’s environment. To closely manage our energy use, we have put in place a number of power-saving initiatives:

The air conditioning system in our Colocation room has been custom-designed to use 30% less energy than is typically required for a data center its size.

The heart of Sterling’s phone, fax and Internet services business is the server farm. By incorporating changes recommended by the Oregon Department of Energy, we consolidated the use of our servers into a virtual system. That one adjustment allowed Sterling to cut our power consumption by 10%.

“These improvements are making a financial difference, and we believe they’re better for the environment too,” says Bill Anderson, Vice President of engineering at Sterling. Sterling’s aggressive push to reduce energy consumption has been great for the environment, but it is also great for our customers. Sterling’s customers are benefitting from better, faster, more reliable equipment that takes up less space.


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