Community Connection

Sterling Communications has helped build better communities across the world

Building better communities.

Impacting Communities.

It’s always been a vital component of Sterling’s vision. How we engage with our community varies from place to place and culture to culture, but we are intentional in our desire to make a difference. Contributing time, expertise, and resources allows Sterling to integrate our business capabilities with our profound compassion for the hurting among us.

Sterling is committed to transformation. As a result, our impact teams have been able to influence such places as Portland, Oregon, Rwanda, Haiti, Mexico, and India. Typically, Sterling comes alongside non-profit organizations to address the most pressing challenges of those they serve. Whether that need is a communications system, construction assistance, or food and medical aid, we are dedicated to inspiring hope in our communities by providing the relief they so desperately need.

Sterling Communications supports non-profit organizations Sterling Communications partners with non-profit organizations across the world Sterling Communications has helped thousands of families across the world

Regardless of the scope of activity or the locale, at the end of the day we really feel as if we are receiving more from these endeavors than we give.


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