Business Internet Solutions

Business Internet solutions that keep you speeding along.

Our business Internet connectivity services pull together even the most varied resources under one roof, help on one simple bill. Throw in ultra-smart filtering and our full management of every point in the communications chain and you’ve got a program that’s like a breath of fresh air. Being an internet service provider, store we offer different business internet solutions like DSL, T-1/PRI, managed VPN and more with top rated support teams that will resolve your issues quickly.

Our Customers Say it Best

“As a growing business in a rural community, we needed more powerful Internet access services than the local telco could provide. Sterling’s handling of that and of all of our projects has been nothing but professional.”

Heidi Williams
Kraemer Nursery

Finally, a business class internet service provider that makes sense of even the most complex data demands.

From small businesses to large corporations, we provide a full range of high speed, enterprise-ready, multilocation Internet access solutions. Click below to see why the Northwest’s fastest-moving companies choose our ISP services.

Smart content filtering

Content filtering software only goes so far, no rx sometimes allowing unwanted sites through, while restricting access to desired sites. Our dedicated staff works with the latest technology to screen new Web addresses for inappropriate content, setting the standard for filtering, with no software for you to install.


One-call resolution

While other ISPs offer multiple tiers of customer help, health wasting your time and adding to your frustration, we have just one. That means your issue will likely be resolved with one call to our expert staff, getting you back to business ASAP.


Surprise-free billing

With many ISPs, find the sales quote often bears little resemblance to the actual invoice. We disclose all charges and fees up front, taking surprise out of the billing cycle.


Many ways to connect

We offer a full range of solutions, for sale including T-1/PRI, fiber/ethernet, MPLS, enterprise class wireless, DSL, managed VPN, QMoE and more.


If your business is dependent on its Internet speed, we can help.


Give us a call and to find the Internet access solution that’s just right for you.