What We Do

Keeping you in touch with business internet solutions.

Whether you use Internet technology to handle Web traffic, online voice calls, cialis faxes or something else entirely, shop it all gets down to one thing: staying in touch with business partners, customers, information and all the rest of the world. That’s where we excel with our business internet solutions, such as hosted desktop, VoIP business phone systems, colocation and more, leaving you to think about the message, not the medium it travels on.

Hosted Desktop

One solution for every desktop.

Hosted desktop, viagra virtual desktop, thin client computer; call it what you want. We call it SterlingDESKTOP™. Now, you can streamline your IT management of various PC resources with our new, cloud-based, secure hosted desktop solution that will provide one unified experience for your users that is accessible anywhere on any computer. Less time focusing on day-to-day upkeep of equipment means more focus on being an agile, innovative business.


VoIP Business Solutions

Business phone systems that put your customers first.

Whether you’re talking one-on-one or teleconferencing, case every word of every phone call counts. At Sterling Communications, we offer customized VoIP business solutions for every business that lets you focus on the conversation — not the technology behind it — freeing you to do what you do best.
With the dedicated IP network and business phone systems, we deliver voice communication over the internet for your business and manage calls with ease – even on conference calls.



Colocation services that lets you rest easy.

Our fully redundant colocation facility in Portland ensures that your data is safe and always connected to the world. At a level of security that gives you a good night’s sleep. Although, medicine with 24/7 access, the amount of sleep you get is up to you.


Business Internet Solutions

Business Internet solutions that keep you speeding along.

Our business Internet connectivity services pull together even the most varied resources under one roof, help on one simple bill. Throw in ultra-smart filtering and our full management of every point in the communications chain and you’ve got a program that’s like a breath of fresh air. Being an internet service provider, store we offer different business internet solutions like DSL, T-1/PRI, managed VPN and more with top rated support teams that will resolve your issues quickly.


Web Hosting Services

Oregon Web Hosting Support that makes you feel like one in a million, find in a good way.

With some web hosting companies, you’re just a face in the crowd. Not here. Our Portland, Oregon-based Web hosting service takes the stress out of switching over — and that’s just the beginning. Along with database hosting, DNS, spam and virus filtering, email accounts, we also support web hosting for multiple platforms including ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, MySQL, CGI and more.


Internet Fax Service

Internet fax service that is easy to use.

Use business internet connection and fax service to send and receive faxes anytime, health anywhere. Cut paper and ink costs and reduce the number of dedicated phone lines. Eliminate trips to the fax machine by sending and receiving faxes through your email.


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